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Jubilee Mass

jubilee mass

Are you having a milestone anniversary? Traditionally, 25 years is called a Silver Jubilee, 40 years is Ruby, 50 years is Golden, 60 years is Diamond, and 70 years is Platinum. The St. Michael Community celebrates 25, 40, 50, and anything beyond 50 because, frankly, you deserve it!

  Let us celebrate this milestone anniversary with you.

We'll reserve a pew for your family at the NOON Mass on Sunday, February 12.

You will receive a coupon for the happy couple to receive a free breakfast at our Pancake Breakfast in the church (same day) which is served from 8:30 to noon.  Enjoy breakfast with your family and then come to Mass!  Watch for your coupon in the mail, or you may pick one up at the rectory office.

Then, stay after Mass so we may take an updated picture of the happy couple (you) and to receive your anniversary gift from the parish.

Please submit a copy of your wedding picture by either:

  • uploading it here (see below)
  • dropping a copy of it off at the Rectory office
  • emailing it to [email protected]
  • take a picture of it and text it to 17348912151


Congratulations!  We are excited to share this milestone with you!

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