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Your child's faith formation is a privileged responsibility, and we look forward to working with you to give your child the best education possible, emphasizing strong, moral values. The task of our catechists is threefold: to impart knowledge of the faith to each child, to touch their hearts so that the faith will be accepted and cherished throughout their lives, and to motivate the students into action through loving service to others.
Our religion series covers faith, sacraments, the Church, prayer, and scripture comprehensively and systematically. Although certain topics are stressed in particular grade levels, these topics are continually taught and reinforced from year to year. Much of the groundwork is laid in kindergarten through third grade, then delved into and expanded upon in the later grades. The outlines show an overview of what is stressed and tested in each grade level but are by no means a limit to the material taught. Likewise, certain prayers are focused on each year, but it is only with repetition that they will be retained.
The textbooks we utilize are the "Faith & Life" series by Ignatius Press for grades 1-8. They foster the traditions and theology of our Catholic Church, reflecting the Gospel message of Jesus and giving each student a solid foundation of the Faith.
The following programs are offered:
Through the Religious Education Program, students may receive the following Sacraments: