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COVID News and Resources

Much has happened over this past year that affected our world and parish community.  Please know the priority of our St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church pastoral team is to support the spiritual needs of our parishioners.

General Dispensation Ended on March 13, 2021

Come Home to Hope — Letter from Archbishop Vigneron to the Faithful of the Archdiocese of Detroit >

In recognition of the essential and central nature of the Eucharist Sacrifice in our lives as Catholics, and in acknowledgement of my duty as shepherd to care for the souls of everyone within our diocese, it is important that I lead more of us back to Mass, when and where possible. That is why the general dispensation from the Sunday obligation will be extended only for one month, until March 13. With its expiration, I intend to grant some particular dispensations to those in need. It is time for us to welcome back more of the faithful with a renewed amazement that we have a God who is so close to us and who has such a deep love for us that he comes to us in flesh and blood. Active participation in Mass is an occasion for all of us to avail ourselves of the immeasurable spiritual graces Christ desires for his faithful through his Paschal Sacrifice.

AOD Guidelines for Returning to Mass