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COVID News and Resources

Much has happened in the past couple of months to affect our world and parish community. As a pastoral team at St. Michael the Archangel, please know our priority is supporting our parishioners and families.

Public Masses Resume

Archbishop Vigneron announced on May 12, that public Masses may resume as early as May 19, but must be restored by May 29. The leeway was offered to allow parishes time to determine how they would reopen. St. Michael the Archangel began Masses on the weekend of May 23 and 24, with a limited seating capacity.  On June 22, Masses were moved from the church to the school gym for the start of the Restoring God’s House construction project.  Seating in the gym is setup following the guidelines from the AOD's Directives of Resumption of Public Masses: Phase II.  


Msgr. Bill Message - Sunday, September 13


AOD Guidelines for Returning to Mass