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Restoring God's House Timeline

Year 2017 A feasibility and planning study was conducted to evaluate capacity and inclination for a capital campaign for facility improvements.
June 2018 The public phase of Restoring God’s House Capital Campaign was officially launched to raise $2M-$3M.
November 2018 Parishioners begin their 3-year pledge commitment to Restoring God’s House for a total of $2.2M.
January 2019 A construction management company was selected to provide estimated costs for new church designs created by Neumann Smith Architecture. The construction timeline was planned with a start date of June 2019.
March 2019 Church renovation plans were presented to, and approved by, the Livonia Planning Commission and Zoning Board. Monsignor Tindall presented plans to parishioners during an open forum held in the church.
April 2019 The Livonia City Council unanimously approved St. Michael the Archangel Restoring God’s House construction plans.
May 2019 Renovation estimates were repriced due to changes in the marketplace. Due to higher labor costs and higher raw material costs, the revised quotes came in over the $4M budget. Monsignor Tindall, with approval from the Finance Council, made the decision to consult with other construction firms.
Summer 2019 Construction start date was postponed. The church renovation plans were sent to two new firms for quotes. Construction delay resulted in entire project being pushed out for another year because the church roof cannot be exposed for repairs during Fall and Winter months.
February 2020 St. Michael the Archangel selected a new construction firm for Restoring God’s House - the John DeMattia Construction Management Firm. Neumann Smith Architecture redesign the church steeple for a cost savings of $600K+, bringing RGH back within budget.
May 2020 The AOD College of Consultors approved the revised plans and entire project based on the $4M budget. Livonia City Hall remained closed under Covid-19 shelter-in-place guidelines, but on May 7 opened up online applications for building permits.
June 2020

On June 11, the construction firm received building permits from the City of Livonia.  On June 15, preparations started for the removal of the church organ and all holy statues.  The school gym was converted into a new worship space for Mass, and Confessions were moved to the library and cafeteria.  On June 22, asbestos removal started and all carpet was removed from the church. 

July 2020

Asbestos removal took most of July to complete.  Stained glass windows were removed from the front of the church and minor demolition started on the interior of the church, but was held up when more asbestos was found above the bathroom ceilings. 

August 2020

Interior demolition was completed and exterior demolition began on the front of the church.  Several support walls were found to be poorly constructed, requiring replacement.  These few delays added a week to the construction timeline and required contingency expenses.  Major demolition for the church was completed by the end of the month. 

September 2020

The church roof tiles will be removed and any roof damage fixed.  Insulation and Ice-Guard will be added to the entire roof before new shingles are added.  Underground plumbing will go in for the new bathrooms, and some electrical will be added to the new masonry walls.   The foundation will be finished and exterior and interior masonry walls will be added for the new expansion.