Mass and Confessions

Daily Mass, weekend Masses and Confessions have been moved to the school gym during the RGH construction project.  The church space has the capacity to seat 320 people following all guidelines for social distancing.  Seats and surfaces are cleaned after each service to provide a clean and disinfected environment for all who attend. 

Confessions will be heard each Saturday from 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM in the school cafeteria and library.  Waiting seats have been arranged in the hallways, separated for proper social distancing.  

Distribution of Holy Communion. The process developed for the distribution of Holy Communion for the most part works well. One aspect that seems to cause confusion is when to lower the mask. Once at the red line and you have responded with “Amen” then the mask should be lowered to receive. This is for safety of the priest or the Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion.

Gluten Free Hosts. Due to the pandemic the distribution of a gluten free host has changed. Gluten free hosts are now reserved in an individual pyx thus avoiding accidental touching of the other hosts in the ciborium. Communicants are to approach the sanctuary area as in the past. The priest will open the pyx onto the palm of your hand thus avoiding any contact. 

Entrance to the Gym: Parishioners may enter through Door 13 in front of the gym, and Door 12 by the side church parking lot.

Seating for Mass in the Gym: Padded folding chairs will be setup so everyone has a comfortable seat. The gym is also air-conditioned. 

Parking: all lots will remain open, and additional temporary handicap parking will be provided near the gym entrance.

Parishioners are still required to wear masks and follow the AOD guidelines for public service.  

AOD Guidelines for Public Service >