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Holy Communion

Children in our school or Religious Education program prepare and then receive the sacrament of their First Holy Communion in the spring of their second grade.  Adults who wish to receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion will do so through OCIA.

Preparing for First Communion

Full, conscious, and active participation (Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy #14) at Sunday Eucharist every week is the most powerful and most significant means parents have for preparing their child to receive Communion for the first time. Good Sunday habits provide the foundation for a Sacramental life and are expected of all our First Communicants.


Applications will be emailed from Mrs. Armstrong to registered families.


First Communion Photos

In order to respect the solemnity of the Holy Mass, families and friends may not take pictures of, or record, any part of the First Communion Mass. Students will also be able to have their picture taken in front of the altar, in our vestibule, or outside (weather permitting) after the Mass. 


Communion Attire

When selecting your child's attire, choose clothing that will reflect the dignity and joy of the occasion.  Traditional attire is recommended:
Boys: suit jacket, dress pants, white dress shirt, and tie.
Girls: white dress and veil or headpiece, white tights or anklets. Shoulders should be covered. No gloves or purses in Church.
Please do NOT bring purses, gloves, prayer books, rosaries, etc. to First Communion Day. The children will not be allowed to bring them with them to Church. 

Blessing of Articles 

Monsignor Tindall is happy to bless any special items, such as rosaries, prayer books, etc. that the children will receive for their First Communion. Second-grade teachers for school and Religious Education class will let their students know on what day Monsignor will bless these items so that they may be sent into school that day. 


Mrs. Armstrong and the second-grade teachers/catechist will be doing in-school retreats during our regularly-scheduled class time. The second-grade teachers/catechist will let parents know when their child’s retreat will occur in the weeks to come. 

Communion Banner 

Traditionally, students and families create a First Communion Banner to commemorate this very important sacrament in the child’s life. The banners are then displayed in the church for the First Communion Mass. You must complete the online application to ensure that we are able to order a banner kit for your child. If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Armstrong at [email protected]
We will give you link to what the banner kit looks like–we will order/purchase the banner kit for you. It is very simple to put together and embellish from home. Please make sure to adhere the hanger to the banner so that it may be displayed at the end of the pew for your child.