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Preparation for the sacrament of Confirmation takes place at St. Michael the Archangel through two different avenues.
Adolescents: Preparation takes place in the 8th grade religion class, either in the school or in the Religious Education program. Additionally, there are approximately three meetings that are required outside of regular class attendance, which a parent and/or sponsor must attend with the confirmation candidate. Service hours are also a part of the preparation for the reception of the sacrament of Confirmation. The confirmation date for 2024 will be announced later this year. Please contact Debra Armstrong at ext. 223 for information.
Adults: Adults who are baptized Catholics but have not yet been confirmed or adults who are not Catholic but wish to become Catholic either through baptism or a profession of faith should contact Patrick Cummings at ext. 215 to begin preparation for the sacrament.

Confirmation Preparation for Adolescents

Those students who wish to be Confirmed are invited to enroll in the Confirmation Preparation Program. The following are the requirements for the program:
  • Application
  • Confirmation Sponsor
  • Service Hours
  • Confirmation Name and Saint Report
  • Rite of Welcome
  • Confirmation Retreat
  • Confirmation Night


2024 Application will be emailed directly from Mrs. Armstrong. 


Confirmation Sponsor

Candidates will choose a Confirmation sponsor to act as a guide throughout their Confirmation preparation, as well as a witness during the Confirmation Mass.  The Confirmation sponsor should be an individual with whom the candidate feels a trusting bond.  This person must be a positive example of a Roman Catholic adult. 

In order for a person to be a worthy Confirmation sponsor, the individual must satisfy the following:

  • NOT be the parent of the candidate
  • Be at least 16 years old by February of the sacramental year of the candidate
  • Be a practicing Catholic who is currently registered in a Catholic parish
  • Be a responsible person of faith and a positive role model
  • Be able to attend the Confirmation Mass of the candidate
  • Be willing to make the commitment to continue the faith journey of the candidate after the Sacrament of Confirmation

Examples of appropriate sponsors who are mature members of the faith might be older siblings, relatives, close family friends, teachers/staff members from the school, etc.  If you have any questions about appropriate sponsors, please contact your child’s Theology teacher or email Debra Armstrong at [email protected].

Service Hours

All students will be required to complete 20 hours of community service over the course of their 8th-grade year.  Teachers will provide more information to students in their Theology classes.


Confirmation Name and Saint Report

Each candidate will be responsible for choosing a Confirmation name and writing a detailed report about the life of this Confirmation (patron) saint.  Students will select and research a saint based on areas of mutual strength and interest.  Students may choose their baptismal name to show continuity between Baptism and Confirmation, or students may choose a different saint name to show a new beginning in his or her faith journey.  Either way, the candidate should feel a connection to this saint, which is more important than the attractiveness of the saint’s name. This project will begin in the second quarter. Please include the name of the 8th grader’s Confirmation saint on the Confirmation candidate’s application.

Rite of Welcome

Our Rite of Welcome for our Confirmation candidates and sponsors. Typically, this event would include noon Mass at St. Michael followed by a short retreat in the cafeteria. The date for the Rite of Welcome will be announced through Mrs. Armstrong. 

Confirmation Retreat

The Confirmation Retreat date and information will be forthcoming.

Confirmation Night

Students must wear their Sunday best (dresses; dress shirt and tie).  A suit jacket is not required.  Students will wear gowns over their attire during the Mass.  The Mass is typically about an hour and a half.  Immediately following the Confirmation Mass will be an opportunity to take pictures with the bishop and priests.  No pictures are allowed during the Mass.