Time Capsule Found

The demolition of the front of the church building began this week.  When the church corner stone was removed, a time capsule from 1962 was discovered.  Many historical treasures were contained in the welded box.

It must have been an exciting challenge for the 1962 Parish Staff to decide what should be included in the capsule.  We do not know how they finally decided, but the items in the box are a remarkably interesting collection:

  • Picture of the Reverend John. E Contway, founder and first priest at St. Michael
  • A Papal Blessing cablegram for the Rev. Contway’s Silver Jubilee
  • A picture of the Felician Sisters who served at St. Michael School
  • A list with the names of all the Felician Sisters
  • A picture of the Rev. Thomas J. McMahon, and another with his sisters – Mary and Ella
  • A picture of Fr. Timothy J. Sullivan assistant priest, and possibly a second picture with his parents
  • A picture of the Parish Staff
  • A short history of St. Michael Parish and the Parish Directory
  • The Michigan Catholic Newspaper
  • An invitation for the new church structure dedication

The history of St. Michael was written as following:

St. Michael was founded by the Rev. John E. Contway, October 25, 1931.  He served the Parish until October 23, 1956.  He erected all the buildings in the present Parish except for the present church, which was erected by his successor, Rev. Thomas J. McMahon, the present Pastor.

The following priests have served it as Assistants:  Fr. John Hardy, Fr. Albert Zinger, Fr. Norbert Chateau, Fr. John J. O’Connor, Fr. Timothy J. Sullivan, Fr. Edward W. Bujak

The erection of this church was begun October 3, 1961 and dedicated, September 29, 1962.  Architect: Joseph Cyr.