All Souls Day Masses

All Souls Day is a holy day set aside for honoring the dead.  The commemoration of all the faithful departed is celebrated by the Church on November 2. 

This year many may feel such a deep sense of sadness from not being able to attend visitations and funeral Masses during the pandemic.  We at St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church share in that sadness, especially when we could not respond at such a difficult time for our families.

We would like to invite those that have lost a loved one to attend Mass on All Souls Day.  Mass will be celebrated at 8:30 AM and at 7:00 PM.  At the evening Mass, we will remember those who have died this past year.

Please contact the rectory at 734-261-1455 ext. 200 with the name of your loved one who passed away, so we may include their name at the service.

All Souls Day Remembrance Cards will be available outside the gym this weekend.  Please include the name of a loved one that you would like to remember on the card.   If you would like to include a picture, please take the card home and return it by next Friday, October 30.  The cards will be displayed in the gym hallway for our All Souls Day Mass Celebrations.