Restoring God's House

Church construction moved ahead with some unseasonably good weather at the beginning of the month, as well as the delivery of the new steel beams for the church’s vestibule.  Over the past few weeks, large cranes were used to place the vertical beams into the ground foundation for support of the new roof expansion.  Beams have also been cut, shaped and welded into place for the new choir loft.  The walls for the new confessionals were built out and dry-walled. 

The church’s side entry expansion continued, with the construction of the new exterior walls.  The church’s gutters are being removed, and new copper gutters are being shaped and added back to the roof line.  Shingles and copper colored accents have been added to the existing roof line, revealing just a hint of the new design. 

Most recently, the 30-year-old AC units are being dismantled. They show a lot of decay and rust and have outlasted their useful life.  These will be replaced with a new system.