UTG 52 Sundays

52 Sundays is a dynamic guide to help you and your family reclaim the Lord's Day with prayer, activities, food, and more! Visit 52 Sundays >

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⦁ Why was it hard for the disciples to grasp the idea that Jesus would be killed?

⦁ What does Jesus mean when he says, “If anyone wishes to be first,

he shall be the last of all and the servant of all”?

⦁ Share a time when you have welcomed someone “in Jesus’ name,” that is, for the sake of Jesus.

⦁ In what way did Bl. Karolina’s family shape her faith?

Family Prayer

As a family, listen to the Song of the Cross (Love lifted on the Cross). You should be able to find the song on YouTube or wherever you stream music. Reflect on the lyrics what Jesus’ death and resurrection mean to you..


Family Fun


As Jesus and his disciples traveled around Galilee, they most likely camped a lot. Turn your backyard into your own personal campsite! It’s a fun and easy way to experience the great outdoors in a way that Jesus did. Create a backyard camp by pitching a tent, setting up camping chairs around a fire or a camping stove, and cook up some delicious campfire recipes. Turn off technology and enjoy the great outdoors. If the weather is bad, set-up a campground inside your home. Don’t forget to sing your favorite camp songs!