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• In today’s Gospel story, Mary asks Jesus for help in a moment of need. Mary can bring your needs to Jesus too. What help do you need from Jesus?

• Picture a gallon of milk. Now picture 180 gallons of milk. That’s how much wine Jesus makes in today’s Gospel story! What would it have been like to witness this miracle? What do you think people said and did when they realized what had happened?

• Why do you think Jesus performs miracles?

• Inspired by Sts. Anne and Joachim, how can you turn to God when you are upset or feeling uncertain about his plans in your life?


Family Prayer

Prayer for Marriage

Gather your family to pray this prayer for your own marriage. If you are not married or separated, adapt the prayer to pray for a special couple in your life.

Heavenly Father we come before you to thank you for all you have done and continue to do in our lives and marriage. We come before you today, God, asking for a stronger bond of unity in our marriage covenant. When people look at our marriage, may they be reminded of how you love your Church. We renew our wedding vows today and strive to bring each other to heaven. May our children always know that they are loved by you and that they were created with a purpose. Holy Family, make our family more like yours. Watch over us, protect us, and help us to live this day in great charity and overwhelming peace. Amen.

Family Fun

Pretend Wedding

As a family, plan and act out a pretend wedding. Give everybody a part (bride, groom, priest or deacon, musician, lector, etc.). Spend time picking out the music and the readings (find ideas at https://www.foryourmarriage.org/readings/). Dress up in fancy clothes and set up the house like a church, making sure everyone has a seat. Act out the wedding with your family or use stuffed animals or dolls. Take pictures!

Have kids share whether they think that God might someday call them to the vocation of marriage. If so, invite them to share ideas about what they want their own weddings to be like. Write them down and put them (and any pictures) somewhere safe. When they are older, pull them out and reminisce. It might be fun to share these memories someday at a toast at their real wedding or dress rehearsal.