Restoring God's House

We are closing in on one year under construction and are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. The entry doors have been installed to help frame our beautiful Church. When entering the narthex, your eyes immediately draw towards the well-lit ceiling. The floor tile is currently being installed with the carpet to follow next week.

Walking into the body of the church, you will see the oversized stonework behind the alter that has been mounted. The platform for the alter has been leveled out. The walls, where the side alters were, are being fabricated. Mary and the Sacred Heart will be elevated near the Cross.

Mid-June you will see the sod, plants and flowers being landscaped. Our new sign is waiting for approval from the City of Livonia. St. Michael will be again protecting us on his new base with the cornerstone now stating “Defend Us in Battle.”

The next few weeks our pews will get another cleaning and the kneelers will be reattached after being reupholstered. The Church has already seen many volunteers assisting in keeping the dust down.

We all know what a special parish we have. Its long rich history predates most of us. The support of this project shows that we played an important part of its 90 years.

Over the last year we have tried to keep the parish updated on the church project with many pictures and commentary. Soon you will be able to see for yourself that you restored God’s house!

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