Families of Parishes

As our Wave One Families of Parishes launch, get to know the Family structure and how it will transform our diocese to help us further our mission of unleashing the Gospel in southeast Michigan.
St. Micheal the Archangel will be part of the Wave Two launch happening on July 1, 2022. The Northwest Wayne Vicariate Family 3 will include:
Our Lady of Loretto Parish, Redford
St. Aidan Parish, Livonia
St. Genevieve – St. Maurice Parish, Livonia
St. Gerald Parish, Farmington
St. John XXIII Parish, Redford
St. Michael Parish, Livonia
St. Priscilla Parish, Livonia
St. Valentine Parish, Redford
Have Questions? The AOD created a FAQ page to help address many of the questions the faithful have about Families of Parishes: What are they? Why are we creating them in the Archdiocese of Detroit? Who will lead them? And what does this change mean for the life of our Church? Check out the Archdiocese's Frequently Asked Questions and Answers Page.