Priests' Pension Plan

The Priests’ Pension Plan

The retirement years are often difficult for these men who dedicate as many as 50 years or more of their lives to caring for and ministering to others.

During his years of priestly ministry, a diocesan priest is supported mainly by a parish community. His housing, food, and transportation are provided so he is able to focus on his ministry. His salary is very modest compared with what a layperson earns in the secular world.

Our diocesan priests do participate in the Social Security program but, because of their modest salaries during their many years of ministry, their monthly benefits are significantly less than those typically received by retired lay people. While active priests are encouraged to initiate their own investments for retirement, many faithful priests are left with minimal income once they achieve senior priest status and are no longer assigned to a parish.

Showing gratitude for their years of faithful ministry, Catholics from all over the Archdiocese of Detroit, at the Synod of 1969, acknowledged and embraced the responsibility of helping our priests during their retirement years. Soon after that, the Archdiocese of Detroit established a pension plan for our priests.

At age 70, our priests begin receiving health and automobile insurance and a $1,575 monthly pension from the Priests’ Pension Plan. They use this money for basic needs, such as food, housing, and transportation. Diocesan priests live independently during their retirement years, unlike senior priests of religious communities, who are cared for and live together.

The Archdiocese of Detroit is blessed to have 94 senior priests without assignments. Whether still active in ministry or not, our senior priests make Christ, the Good Shepherd present to us — not only in what they do, but in who they are. They give witness to the Lord’s presence not only by their words, but by their lives.

With Thanks for Their Service in Christ

Every parish in the Archdiocese of Detroit has the opportunity to take up an annual special collection to help pay its $9,885 per priest assessment. This special collection, With Thanks for Their Service in Christ, will be held this weekend.

Parishes that do not want to participate may simply pay for the assessment from parish operating income.

If a parish takes up a special collection and falls short of the assessed amount, it must make up the difference to reach the full $9,885 per priest assessment. If a parish collects more than the assessed amount, the excess funds collected will be used to further strengthen the Priests' Pension Plan.

Of course, gifts to the Priests’ Pension Plan are not limited to the annual special collection. Donations to the plan can be made at any time, payable to the Priests’ Pension Plan, Archdiocese of Detroit, 12 State St., Detroit, Michigan 48226-1823.

Also, consider leaving a legacy gift to the Priests’ Pension Plan in your will or trust as part of your estate plan and honor the priests who serve us so faithfully.

It is essential that we continue to provide financial stability for our retired priests and guarantee future security for our active priests. By strengthening the Priests’ Pension Plan, we will ensure adequate retirement and health coverage in the years ahead for those who have served us with such faith-filled devotion through their priestly ministry.


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