Together in Holiness

In partnership with the St. John Paul II Foundation, St. Michael and St. Priscilla Catholic Churches invite married couples in their early years of marriage or with children in the home to participate in the Together in Holiness Formation series!

The Together in Holiness Formation series provides year-round marriage enrichment for small communities of spouses that equips them with the formation, encouragement, support, and practical tools to grow together in holiness and form their children in the Catholic faith. 

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Family, a Domestic Church Trailer from St. John Paul II Foundation on Vimeo.

  • A meal and time for fellowship 
  • Short and beautifully made videos with national speakers, including Danielle Bean and Damon Owens
  • Discussion facilitated by Host Couples who are formed and supported by the St. John Paul II Foundation 
  • A Bring it Home component that translates learning into living  

The registration cost for the year is $50 per couple. 

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For more information, contact Lauren Waligora at [email protected].