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Salt & Light Sample Agenda

Prior to the meeting – please read through the attachments, especially the Sunday readings.  Optionally, spend some time understanding them, their context, and maybe explore what they mean to you.  Get an idea of the theme for them.  Maybe jot your ideas and thoughts down …


1. Opening Prayer – Lectio Divina

  • Enter into the Silence and quiet oneself to “hear” God’s voice.
  • Lectio Divina – <Click here> for a typical Lectio Divina Prayer Sheet for content and Process.


2. Feedback and Comments on the Lectio Divina Prayer time …


3. Announcements

  • We will meet twice each month – the 2nd and 4th Saturdays beginning at 8:00 am.
  • We can meet via Zoom if circumstances necessitate a remote gathering.
  • Feedback – it’s always welcome.


4. Your Prayer Intentions, thanksgivings and praises


5. Your Recent Experiences (this is optional) … You and your family, faith, staying busy (how), new adventures, difficulties, challenges … how is the Lord working in your life?


6. Discussion of the Readings for the particular Sunday

  • We use an attachment to govern the discussions … – <Click here> for an example.
    • Readings from the USCCB website --- so we all have the same translation.
    • Two Reflections you may find useful.
    • Some questions that will be used for our reflections on the readings.
    • Catechism teaching on reading Scripture.
  • We will have a volunteer read each of the Readings, one at a time.
  • After EACH reading, let’s talk about …
    • what struck you,
    • what meaning did you get from this,
    • what was the writer trying to say,
    • how does it apply to you today,
    • how did you feel about it,
    • what was the lesson here,
    • and how are you going to incorporate this into your life
    • we’ll use the questions in the attachment to go deeper into each reading.

The reflections can be used as a base for talking about the readings.


7. Closing Prayer …