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Bible Study

All Bible Study Students, new and veteran, are invited to Gary Michuta’s Bible Study, beginning Thursday, September 14, from 7 to 8:30 PM, in the St. Michael School Library. The group will meet there regularly on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month from September through May.
This year’s study will dip back into the Old Testament to explore 1st and 2nd Samuel, which describes the closing of the age of Judges and the beginnings of the monarchy in Israel, which is theologically important as it brings us the family history of David and the origins of the Davidic kingship, from which God promised would come the Messiah.
This is a great opportunity to enjoy an in-depth study led by a highly-respected Catholic author and radio personality, Gary Michuta, who also happens to be a lifelong St. Michael parishioner. Gary is the author of almost a dozen apologetics books, including his newest, The Gospel of Truth, the acclaimed Revolt Against Reality as well as Hostile Witnesses, How to WolfProof Your Kids, Making Sense of Mary, and Why Catholic Bibles Are Bigger. He also hosts a daily weekday broadcast on Virgin Most Powerful Radio called “Hands on Apologetics” in which Gary uses guest interviews to teach listeners how to defend the Catholic faith “with clarity and charity”. There is no charge for this class, which is open to anyone. Maybe you should jump in and give it a try!
For more information or questions, please email [email protected]