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Why Be Catholic

Why Be Catholic?

This exciting series of personal stories and testimonies from people of many faiths, backgrounds and walks of life first began in an attempt to answer the questions of what attracts people to the Catholic faith, what holds them there, what leads some to leave, and what brings so many back? The program began in January of 2010 to a standing room only crowd of 350 Catholics, non-Catholics, atheists, and non-practicing Catholics. The program was based on then-recent studies indicating that Catholicism was possibly the largest religious group in the world while the second largest denomination was "lapsed" or non-practicing Catholics. Today that second group, if not the largest, is known as "nones" or those who actively disavow all religious affiliation and find no room or relevance for religious faith of any kind.
Why Be Catholic? offers an open, non-threatening environment where folks are free to listen, interact, and ask questions if they choose. There is never any pressure, any follow-up, any prying questions.
All talks are recorded and CD's were made available on a free-will offering basis in the vestibule of the Church. We have distributed over 8,000 CD's and we have been told that many of those were shared with friends and relatives of the original owner. However, we are finally stepping into the 21st Century and offering all of these recordings on this website in an MP3 format, You can play the talk directly from below or save it to your own device for future use or to share with others.

If you would like to be contacted about future talks please let us know at [email protected].