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Art and Environment

The Art & Environment Committee is responsible for the worship environment of our church. Committee members meet to plan for the various liturgical seasons and to assign various tasks and responsibilities. The team is made up of parishioners who create design proposals and implement them for the various sacred seasons and solemnities. All plans are reviewed by the Pastor.
Members of this ministry cultivate their creativity in faith-filled applications such as: working with floral arranging, sewing, painting and working with various media to enhance the worship environment. More practical elements of the ministry include: ironing, polishing, oiling, cleaning and just helping wherever help is needed.
The seasons that our team plans for are Advent, Christmas, Lent, Palm Sunday, Easter, May, & Ordinary time.
Special attention and planning are given to the sacred seasons of Easter and Christmas. During these seasons Art & Environment becomes a family affair, spouses and children have the opportunity to become involved and find great pride & satisfaction in bringing beauty and spirit to the church environment.
Our goal is to make seasonal changes that bring meaning to the Word and Sacrament. If you would like to be a part of this important ministry, contact Jan Jackson or Pam Chlebek.