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Being a Sacristan

A sacristan's main responsibility is to prepare the gifts and vessels used at Mass and after to clean and replace vessels and linens. The Sacristan also prepares for Funeral Masses, Weddings, Baptisms, and Confirmations. Their devotion to the Eucharist shows in their loving tasks.
  • Desire to serve the Lord
  • Practicing member of the faith community
  • Must take the Protecting God's Children Workshop and have a criminal background check
  • Punctuality
  • Appreciation for the Eucharist shown especially through reverence
  • Someone who is not a lector
  • BEFORE MASS: Sacristans arrive half an hour before Mass begins. Place the priest's chalice and wine cups holder on the credence table. They then fill the water and wine cruet(s) or decanter and place hosts in ciboria and on the priest's paten. These are taken to the offertory table. The lights and microphone are then turned on before the Mass begins. On weekends the servers light the candles and take the gifts to the offertory table.
  • AFTER MASS: After Mass Sacristans turn off the microphone and lights. Clean all used vessels and return them to their assigned places. They place all linens to soak. Votive candles are replaced and money collected. This takes approximately half an hour. (Servers take care of the altar candles on the weekends.)
  • Sacristans may request to serve at a certain Mass (day/time).
  • Saturday/Sunday sacristans serve every third weekend.
  • Most Monday through Friday sacristans usually serve the same day all year. We are in need of weekday sacristans, this would allow sacristans to serve every other week, instead of every week.
  • Usually, four training sessions are needed.
  • Sacristan have about 3 gatherings a year.
Friday Cleaners
Some people prefer to only help with the cleaning on Fridays after Mass. These duties include the holy water fonts, dusting, and replacing candles. We are in need of several cleaners to serve only once a month. Training provided.
  • Emptying, cleaning, and refilling holy water fonts.
  • Replacing altar candles, and votive candles.
  • Dusting the sanctuary, including the altar, tabernacle, candles, and other stands, artificial plants, etc.
  • Dusting the vestibule, tables, and statues.
  • Once a month on Friday from about 9 to 10.
  • Additional instructions will be provided.
Sacristans have one meeting each year around Advent time.
If you are interested in serving or have questions about the schedule, please contact the Parish Office.